ROBERT J. PORTER is coming to Ottawa!

Join us December 14-16, 2018 for the "It's Possible!"
Canine Conditioning Seminar.

Location:  The Training Hall, 162 Wescar Road, Carp, ON.

Seminar Schedule:
Friday, December 14, 7-9pm: Workshop Lecture.  Attendance to this lecture is MANDATORY for all Working Spot participants.
Saturday, December 15, 9am-5pm:  Workshop, Day 1.  The schedule includes a 1 hour lunch break.  Lunch is not provided.
Sunday, December 16, 9am-5pm: Workshop, Day 2.  The schedule includes a 1 hour lunch break.  Lunch is not provided.

What you will learn:

Friday Night - The seminar kicks off with a Friday evening lecture, approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, providing the participants with essential information regarding the six exercises that are presented during the seminar, why these exercises were chosen, and how the exercises are trained. 

Saturday - Robby will introduce the first 3 to 4 of the progressive exercises in his It’s Possible conditioning program.  Participants will work through these exercises allowing each team to advance as far as possible.  The equipment used on Saturday will be balance pads, Fit Bones, and 40 cm peanuts.  

Sunday - After a review of the exercises covered, the participants will work through the remainder of the exercises including everyone’s favourites, variations of bridging exercises and treadmill tricks.  The exercises on Sunday will revolve around 40 cm peanuts and the treadmill however balance pads and Fit Bones will be used as supplementary equipment. 

TO REGISTER:  Please complete all required fields and submit the form below. You will receive a registration confirmation email within 1-2 business days. 

Working Spots - $450. 
- Fee is due at time of registration.

Auditing Spots - $200 (Unlimited):
- Fee is due at time of registration.  

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REFUNDS: No Refunds will be granted after October 1st. Prior to this date, refunds will be granted less a $50 administration fee. Should a dog become ill or injured in the days leading up to the seminar, a $200 refund will be granted upon presentation of a veterinary certificate and the spot shall be converted to an audit spot. Should the working spot be filled from a wait list, a full refund less a $50 administration fee shall be granted if the participant is unable to audit.
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I acknowledge that my dog is in good health, injury-free, and that participation in the Robert J Porter It's Possible Canine Conditioning Workshop does not contradict any recommendations or guidelines established for my dog by a veterinary professional (ie. Veterinarian, rehabilitation practitioner, veterinary chiropractor).
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I acknowledge that I am responsible for the control, conduct and training of my dog during the instruction program. I am solely liable for any injury to persons or damage to property caused by my dog. I hold harmless and shall indemnify and defend Positive Changes Dog Training, Inc., Fun Fit Canin and Robert J. Porter from any and all injuries or damage caused by my dog whatsoever. I agree that although Positive Changes Dog Training, Inc., Fun Fit Canine and Robert J. Porter can provide equipment and instruction for the training of my dog, the trainer does not maintain control of my dog, and I am responsible for the successful training, control and conduct of my dog at all times during training sessions. I acknowledge that my dog is not aggressive towards humans or other dogs.