About Danielle Beauregard CCAS CCFT FP-MT


Danielle is the owner of Positive Changes Dog Training and creator of DogMotion.  A Certified Canine Athlete Specialist, Certified Canine Fitness Trainer and FitPaws Master Trainer, Danielle works with clients throughout North America, helping them achieve the highest levels of performance with their dogs.  She has worked with canine athletes returning  to sport after injury and Canadian World Agility Team members preparing for international competition. 

Danielle has been active in the dog world for over 25 years, working professionally in the field of dog training for 15 of those 25+ years.  She has titled dogs in a variety of venues including conformation, agility and flyball and continues to actively compete in flyball with her dogs.  Danielle also enjoys training in the sports of disc, dock diving and agility just for fun.

As an lifelong equestrian and avid competitor in the upper levels of the sport, Danielle brings a unique understanding of movement, structure and biomechanics to the discipline of canine fitness and conditioning.  Her keen eye allows her to quickly identify areas of strength or weakness, whether structural or functional.  

In her spare time, Danielle enjoys spending time at home on the farm, competing in 5km and 10km road races, and experimenting in the kitchen with healthy and tasty recipes.