Online Programs


Through DogMotion Academy, we offer a variety of online classes to meet your needs.  Learn in the comfort of your own home and on your schedule. 

Our Online Classes are delivered in two formats:  Self-Study and Instructor Led.

Our Self-Study courses allow you to work at your own pace and are ideal for students who wish to have the information at their fingertips but without the need or desire for a more interactive learning experience.  Self-Study courses contain all of the instructional materials your need to successfully apply what you are learning!

Our Instructor-Led courses are an interactive learning experience which include student support groups, Live Q&As, video review and many other benefits.  While the Instructor-Led portion of the course is for a limited time period, access to all course materials, Live session recordings, student groups and bonuses is Lifetime Access, just like with our self-study courses.


DogMotion Academy Classes


FitSkills (Self-Study)

FitSkills are the foundation for all things Fitness.  In order for your dog to be successful at the "gym", they must master various behaviour cues.  Our FitSkills course will give your dog the foundation they need!

FitSkills is a self-study, on demand course with Lifetime Access.  Work at your own pace.  This course is delivered via detailed step-by-step instructional videos. 


Fitness For Flyball (Instructor-Led)

Flyball is a sport all about power and speed.  But in order to lay down fast, consistent times *and* prevent injury, your dog needs to be in top shape! 

Flyball places unique physical demands on your dog that are not seen in other dog sports.  A fitness program for an agility dog, while it may work to get started, will not help your flyball dog get to the next level of performance in the lanes!

Fitness For Flyball is a 9-week Instructor-led course that addresses fitness training specifically based on the needs and demands of the sport of Flyball.  This course includes:

- 6 Modules with multiple online lectures and videos in each module.

- A Students-Only Facebook group where you are able to interact with the instructor, Danielle, as and when needed.

- Submit videos for review!  There is no limit to the number of videos each student can submit for any given module.  Our goal is to ensure the best possible opportunity for feedback that you've ever had.

- Bi-Weekly Live online student sessions. 

- Lifetime Access to all Course Materials, including recordings of all Live calls.

Registration is currently closed. 


FitDog Full Body Fitness (Self-study)

FitDog Full Body Fitness is a 4-week online course for canine fitness enthusiasts who just don’t have enough time in the day!

This course provides well-planned, complete workouts, taking the worry out of achieving your fitness goals.

Each course module is a new exercise routine, complete with instructional videos and PDF that detail the workout, and exercise variations for both your dog's level of experience and the equipment that you already own.  There is no need to purchase additional equipment for this course.

Registration is currently closed.