FitDog Group Classes

Join us for Fun & Fitness.  DogMotion's FitDog and Tricks classes are an opportunity for you and your dog to do something new and different together:  canine fitness.

Canine fitness has many benefits for your dog.  It can help maintain good muscle tone, be part of a plan to reach and maintain ideal body weight and it's a way to keep your dog exercised even during the crappiest Ottawa winters (or summers!).  All activities taught in our FitDog classes can be completed at home, indoors.  ;)

Whether you are simply looking for something different and fun to do with your pet, or you are wanting to keep your performance sport dog in peak athletic condition, there is a FitDog class for you.

All of our group classes are taught by Danielle Beauregard CCAS CCFT FP-MT.  Classes are taught at Dog Dayz in Kanata.  Class sizes are limited.  Group class sessions start on the first Tuesday or Thursday of the month and run for 4 weeks.


FitDog 1

Canine fitness training is the perfect way to burn off some of your pup’s excess energy *and* improve their obedience training!  Throughout this course, you will help your dog develop balance, strength, flexibility and coordination all while working their brain, too! 

In this class, we introduce the obedience and foundation skills used in canine fitness training through a variety of exercises and tricks that are fun for you and your pet.  Your dog will gain better focus all while having fun getting fit.  

All equipment is provided for class use.

Pre-requisites:  Your dog must be able to Sit and Down on command.
Next session begins:  FALL 2018



Our popular Tricks class is back! Each week, we introduce a new trick and walk your through the steps to teach the trick from start to finish.  This class uses no specialized equipment other than a clicker and some tasty treats.  Come join us for 4 weeks of Tricks Fun!

Pre-requisites:  Basic obedience training.
Next session begins: FALL 2018

**All class fees are in Canadian Dollars and subject to HST.**