Join us for a FitDog Social!

And now for something completely different.  The FitDog Social is the only social hour of its kind in the Ottawa area.  

Part obedience training, part doggie parkour, part trick training.  AAAALLLLL Fun!  Each social will offer a different obstacle course for your dog, some trick training, and a little bit of obedience training with a twist! 

The FitDog Social focuses on helping your dog build confidence in a new and unique way.  You'll have fun with your dog doing stuff that you've never done before.  At the end of the hour, you'll head home with a happy tired puppers.   

FitDog Socials are 1 hour in length and are limited to 10 participants.  Pre-Registration is required.  To reserve your spot, select a date below, click on the Add To Cart button and complete the registration form and payment process.  Please make sure to bring tasty treats and a 6 foot leash.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can any dog participate in the FitDog Social?
A:  Yes!  All dogs are welcome!  However, this environment is not suitable for dogs that demonstrate dog-dog or dog-human aggression.  Any dog displaying aggression during the Social will be excused.

Q: What kind of skills or training does my dog need?
A: All that's needed to participate in the FitDog Social is basic obedience training: Sit, Down, and an ability to walk nicely on a loose leash.  That's it!  We'll teach you the rest.

Q: How old does my dog have to be to come to the FitDog Social?
A: Any dog over the age of 6 months can come play!  We will have puppy-appropriate games as well as senior dog appropriate games (and everything in between).

Q: What if my dog has a health condition or injury?
A: If your dog has a health condition or is recovering from injury, please contact us at before registering.  We may require a simple form to be signed by your veterinarian to be sure that it's okay for your dog to come play.

Q: Is this an on leash or off leash class?
A: This class is conducted with all dogs on leash for safety and to ensure that all dogs remain under control during the various activities.  :)  There is no off leash play during the FitDog Social.


The FitDog Social have ended for the Winter / Spring 2018 session.  Please check back in the Fall of 2018 for new dates! 

FitDog Social Location:
Dog Dayz
95 Abbeyhill Drive, Kanata, ON