Free 3-Part Video Series

Is your dog a FitDog? Join us for this free 3-part video series and find out!  In the first video, we will perform a simple 90 second test.  In the second video, we'll tell you what the numbers mean and how to improve them.  In the third and final video of the series, we'll share with you a full body workout for your dog that you can do at home.

This series isn't just for elite canine athletes.  ;)  All adult dogs are welcome!  Just be sure that they are healthy and injury free.  

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The Challenge ends Sunday, April 22nd at 11:59PM Eastern.  So be sure to watch the videos and join The FitDog Forum™ today!

Video #1 - Take the test!

All you need is your dog, a stopwatch and a notepad.  

Video #2 - What the Numbers Mean.

Now that you've got your numbers, it's time to find out what they mean. In this video, we'll use your numbers to rate your dog's current fitness level in the area of overall strength.

BONUS: We're also going to share 3 exercises that you can do right now, without specialized equipment, to help improve your dog's strength!

Video #3 - It's Workout Time!

In this video, Danielle and Impulse will teach you a full body workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home. 

Are you enjoying the FitDog Challenge?  
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FitDog Full Body Fitness is our online program that provides well-planned, complete workouts for your dog, taking the worry out of achieving your fitness goals.  We plan, you do.

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Registration for FitDog Full Body Fitness is now open but only until this Sunday, April 22nd, at 11:59PM Eastern. Then the doors close until 2019.